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Pension  Papillon
Oost-Souburg is a very friendly village with approx. 10.000 citizens.
Since Oost-Souburg is situated right in between Vlissingen and Middelburg, everything can be found very near. The beach is at 4 km.
The peninsula Walcheren, of which Middelburg is the core, is ideal for (defined) bike ridings.
There are several stores in Oost-Souburg, like the supermarkets Aldi and Jumbo, and a bike rental.
 Also there are a few restaurants, of which the Indonesian restaurant ‘Bandoeng’ is a very notified restaurant in Zeeland, and is situated 200 meters from the pension.
Middelburg and Vlissingen are full of very diverse restaurants. In Middelburg you can enjoy the historical monuments outside, and in Vlissingen you can dine out on the Boulevard with a beautiful view over the sea.
The train station of Oost-Souburg and the bus stops are just 100 meters away from the pension.

For an overview of all the activities in the neighbourhood, you can visit the website of the VVV, the Dutch tourist promotion office.